Based on the valuable experience of our specialists to build reliable e-commerce integration to deliver amazing shopping experiences, drive traffic, and boost sales across channels for a growing business or a high-volume brand, we have done some projects for some companies like MOE’S Home Collection and Sundays company in Canada.
Integration of inventory data between MOE'S Home Collection company ERP software (SAP) and more than 200 e-Commerce platforms like Wayfair, Houzz, Magento and Shopify.
We develop a custom web API to read data from SAP and implement several processes with Azure Integration Services to push inventory data to different online stores.
In addition, integration of invoice, orders and expenses data between e-Commerce platforms like Wayfair, Ecat, Houzz, Concur and Moe's company ERP software (SAP). Our e-commerce integration specialists have a great experience implementing processes for integration order data using cloud base technology (Microsoft Azure) for these companies, and also they have great experience in working with BWEB web API and SAP DI API
We work on integration to transfer and keep update the data between different sources of their business system and create simple to use tools for usage of business team members includes update conditional data from SharePoint to integration in cloud base technology (Azure) machine And transfer data from PIM(Plytix) system to your ERP system (SAP).