DBA Services

One of our main services is remote DBA services in both Oracle and SQL. These services are provided by our experts who have Oracle and Microsoft certificates.
Oracle we can provide these services:
• Evaluating and recommending Oracle database implementation options for deployment.
• Implementing Oracle database security features
• Configuring and maintaining Oracle database software.
• Creating Oracle physical databases/schemas from logical designs
• Managing Oracle database resources usage
• Identifying and implementing solutions for Oracle database and SQL statements performance problems.
• Performing RMAN backup and recovery
• Installing Oracle RAC on any platform
• Establishing Oracle Standby Database including Physical or Logical Data Guard
• Setting up Oracle Replication
SQL area we can provide:
• Free SQL Server Health Check
• DBA as a Service
• Hardware Upgrade Planning
• Implementing High Availability Solutions
• Disaster Recovery
• Emergency Response Service
• Bottleneck Detection
• Database Optimization and Performance Tuning
• Training and Learning