About Us

IAS-Global provides network connectivity and telecommunication services to the enterprise entities in Middle East and Europe. Our customers vary from giant companies in different industries to the governments in Middle East.
In 2022 we consolidated our long-term experiences and expertise in telecommunication services with the State-of-The-Art services that we provide as a software development and mobile application company since 1995, under one common symbol and identity, Intelligent Advanced Solutions Global (IAS-Global). By investing in high quality networks and together with our partners and suppliers worldwide, we believe that we can provide our customers with the capacity and IP services that they need anytime, anywhere at present and in the years to come.

Our Services

With combination of telecommunication and software development expertise, we provide a wide range of different services to fulfill our customer`s demands and needs in the following fields:
    • Circuit Capacity of multiple Tbps through terrestrial and submarine fibers to the main IXs in Middle East and Europe.
    • IP Connectivity, Peering and CDN services in Europe and Middle East data centers and IXs.
    • DevOps and DevNet services to help customers who want to have the applications and develop integrations with their Cisco networks.